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Hens for sale in the Frodsham area

Are you looking to buy chickens for your farm? Do you want to adopt a pet hen for your child? We have hybrid hens for sale at our farm in Frodsham. Call the team at Garden Poultry today
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Healthy and fully vaccinated hens

At Garden Poultry, we raise chicken on a healthy diet of quality feed and our hybrid chickens reward you with a healthy supply of eggs. Our hybrid hens come with a 5-week breeder's guarantee, as well as full inoculations.

All of our chickens are fully vaccinated and ready to move into their new homes. If you have any questions about our girls or their diet, our team will be happy to help you.

Adopt a hen as a pet for your child

If you are thinking of adopting a pet hen for your child, get in touch with us. We have many lovingly reared and bred hens that can make the perfect pet for your little one. 

If you are going on a holiday and need a safe place for your hen to stay, check out our holiday hen service. We'll keep them safe and well-fed until you get back. It only costs £1 a day. Talk to our team in Frodsham for details.
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Garden Poultry
Adopt a pet hen for your child today, contact Garden Poultry in Frodsham.
07841 669 013
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